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Today is Father’s Day in Brazil

Brad Pitt and his adopted children

Brad Pitt and his 3 adopted children


In Brazil, more than 200 thousand children cannot celebrate Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. They are invisible, living in orphanages, and have between 4 and 19 years old with almost zero chance to get a foster parent. Those that are homeless living on streets are quite disturbing. What Brazilians do? They Close the car window, pretending that they are not there. Others prefer to call them muggers, outcasts, criminals, and advocate for lowering the age of criminal responsibility. Some go even further and exterminate as done in the Candelaria Massacre.

Congratulations to the adoptive parents, who were able to transcend the biological need for love – the true unconditional love.

No Brasil, muito mais de 200 mil crianças não podem comemorar o Dia dos Pais nem o Dia das Mães. Elas são invisíveis, vivem em orfanatos, têm entre 4 e 19 anos de idade e, chance quase zero de lá saírem. Já as que moram na rua, essas incomodam bastante. O que o brasileiro faz? Fecha o vidro do carro e ignora a existência das mesmas. Outros os chamam de trombadinhas, marginais, delinquentes, dogrados e, defendem a redução da maioridade penal. Alguns vão ainda mais longe e os exterminam como feito na Chacina da Candelária.

Parabéns aos pais adotivos, aqueles que foram capazes de transcender a necessidade do amor biológico – o verdadeiro amor incondicional.

Jolie is way more than just a Hollywood star, and she proves it “In the land of blood and honey”


Watch it in Bosnian with subtitles in English. It is way better!

“What Angelina Jolie has accomplished in “In the Land of Blood and Honey” is both impressive and unexpected.” – Kenneth Turan

“Jolie is impressive in its lack of directorial flourishes: it feels like a film born out of scrupulous research and deeply felt conviction.” – Andrew Pulver

Jolie’s two protagonists are Bosniak Muslim painter Ajla (Zana Marjanović) and Bosnian Serb policeman Danijel (Goran Kostić): in the film’s early pre-war scenes, which suggest Sarajevo as a paradise of an ethnic melting pot, they appear about to launch themselves into a heartfelt relationship, but a bomb blast in the dancehall where Ajla and Danijel meet puts a dramatic stop to it (Andrew Pulver). Danijel will be  a soldier fighting for the Serbs, and Ajla will be held captive in the camp he oversees. As the armed conflict takes hold of their lives, their relationship grows darker, their motives and connection to one another ambiguous.

The Official Trailer: In the Land of Blood and Honey.

It is murder. It is still murder. – an impressive dialogue from the movie.

The Old Yugoslavia

Bosnia-Herzegovina had 4.4 mi people before war with the most complex mix of religious traditions among the former Yugoslav republics: 44% Bosniaks (Muslims), 31% Bosnian Serb (Eastern Orthodox), and 17% Bosnian Croat (Roman Catholics). Bosnians Muslims are Slavs who converted to Islam centuries ago. From World War I until the end of the Cold War, Bosnia was part of the newly created country of Yugoslavia. Bosnia declared independence in March 1992, and the Bosnian war started right after. Prior to the war,  a former psychiatrist (Radovan Karadzic) created a renegade army with the support of Bosnian Serbs in Bosnia. In 1992, Bosnian Serb nationalists began a systematic policy of “cleansing” large areas of Bosnia of non-Serbs. Bosnia was attacked by the Yugoslav National Army, Bosnian Serb nationalists, and Bosnian Croat nationalists. The siege of Sarajevo lasted 43 months. Rape was very present in this war. Estimates of the numbers raped range from 20,000 to 50,000. This has been referred to as “mass rape”. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) declared that “systematic rape”, and “sexual enslavement” in time of war was a crime against humanity, second only to the war crime of genocide.

Official website of the Movie:

Amazing Press Conference about the Movie and the Memories of the Cast

Zana Marjanovic as Ajla

Zana Marjanovic as Ajla

Goran Kostic as Danijel
Jolie in Action

Jolie in Action