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Inhale: a Movie about Organ Trafficking


Organ Trafficking

Anyone that goes to the black market looking for an organ is perpetuating the Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. It is estimated that 15 thousand people are killed every year to have their organs sold to someone that pays for it. 

A father desperate to find a lung donor to save his daughter’s life travels to Mexico to buy one in the black market. He has 24 hours and he was lucky enough to find a matching donor in Mexico. While he is waiting for his daughter to arrive for the transplant, he is playing with some kids when one of them is hit by a car and an ambulance arrives in a matter of seconds. He follows the ambulance and realizes that kids are being killed for having their organs sold in the black market. Desperate, he tries to talk to his wife that doesn’t wanna know where is the lungs coming from. He is able to save the kid’s life but not his own daughter’s life. On the other hand, the wife doesn’t accept the fact that he didn’t allow the assassination of a healthy kid to save their own daughter.

“The illegal trade in kidneys has risen to such a level that an estimated 10,000 black market operations involving purchased human organs now take place annually, or more than one an hour, World Health Organisation experts have revealed. Patients, many of whom will go to ChinaIndia or Pakistan for surgery, can pay up to $200,000 (nearly £128,000) for a kidney to gangs who harvest organs from vulnerable, desperate people, sometimes for as little as $5,000.” More at Illegal kidney trade booms as new organ is sold every hour.

Organ Trafficking

“An increasing worldwide demand for organs has created “transplant tourism” and with it, an unregulated organ bazaar. The Istanbul Declaration, the only universal agreement of its kind on organ transplantation, has laid the groundwork to curtail transplant tourism and trafficking and create international standards to ensure safe and accountable transplant surgery for both donors and recipients. In every country around the world except Iran, the exchange of human organs for cash or a “valuable commodity” to the donor is illegal. In the United States, some are proposing that organ sales should be allowed. What are the arguments surrounding the sale of organs? Where does organ trafficking fit in the human trafficking and modern-day slavery issue? What are possible solutions to organ shortage? How are public policy leaders around the world addressing organ trafficking?” – By Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Event at:

The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy