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The Fifth Estate, the Movie



“It may be decades before we understand the full impact of WikiLeaks and how it’s revolutionized the spread of information. So this film won’t claim any long view authority on its subject, or attempt any final judgment. We want to explore the complexities and challenges of transparency in the information age and, we hope, enliven and enrich the conversations WikiLeaks has already provoked.” by Bill Condon the director of The Fifth Estate.

Julien Assange & Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Julien Assange & Daniel Domscheit-Berg

It was not approved by Julian Assange but it is worth watching. Why? It does not matter if Assange is paranoid or not, if he is manipulative or not, if he is weird or not, etc. What matters is the fact that he and his collaborators, including the author of the book in which the movie was inspired,  Daniel Domscheit-Berg, changed the history of how information is released, making possible to expose tons of war crimes and government’s corruption. What matters is to expose how much we are manipulated with stupid stories just to distract us. What matters is to see that Democrats don’t differ much from Republicans. This is all that matters. Access to the truth that we have the right to. Access to know that real criminals are free while Assange cannot leave the Equator Embassy in London, Chelsea Manning (former Bradley Manning) was tortured by the US Government and will be in jail for 35 years, Edward Snowden is in Russia and we have no idea if he is safe or not, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras are living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and don’t feel safe to come home. This is what matters.

Note: Assange’s son and mother have moved and changed their names. They are not safe.


#ActForManning Free Bradley Manning Chicago July 27 2013



#ActForMannig #FreeBradley #BradleyManning #StopWarOnWhistleblowers #EdwardSnowden #SaveBrad

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Take Action for Bradley Manning: July 27, 2013


Bradley Manning

“Please join us in what will likely be the last internationally coordinated show of support for Bradley before military judge Col. Denise Lind reads her final verdict–which we expect some time in August.

On July 26 there will be a rally for Bradley Manning in Washington, DC in front of Maj. General Buchanan’s office. Buchanan is the new convening authority in the trial and he has the power to reduce any possible sentence given to Bradley should he be found guilty.

The July 27 ”International Day of Action” coincides with the anticipated sentencing phase of Bradley’s trial. The outcome of that phase of the trial will result in Bradley receiving any outcome from time served to life in prison.

The end of July also marks the third anniversary of the release of the Afghan War Diary which revealed the realities of pain and abuse suffered by many thousands in Afghanistan.

A thousand supporters marched on Fort Meade at the start of  Bradley Manning’s trial. Now we are asking supporters to organize events in communities across the globe. Looking for an idea for an event? Consider putting on this street theatre performance written by Claire Lebowitz which was performed at NYC Pride and other solidarity events. It only requires 2 performers and its a wonderful way to charge your event and catch peoples interest!

Contact campaign organizer Emma Cape at if you are interested in organizing a solidarity event or action in your community. Help us send a message to Judge Lind that millions stand with Bradley!

View list of solidarity events around the world.

– By the Bradley Manning Support Network. June 27, 2013

Bradley Manning is My Hero

A corajosa ação de Edward Snowden: Onde fica o Brasil?


Edward Snowden

Manifestação de Pablo Ortellado ao ministro Gilberto Carvalho em sessão de diálogo Governo-Sociedade Civil no Palácio do Planalto:

“Gostaria, em primeiro lugar, de saudar a iniciativa de uma política nacional de participação social e espero que os ventos de junho permitam que essa medida possa se tornar verdadeiramente efetiva.
Gostaria também de chamar atenção para um dos elementos que é condição para a participação social que é a transparência governamental.
Recentemente, vimos uma corajosa ação de um ex-funcionário do governo americano que denunciou um programa ilegal desse governo que monitorava todas as comunicações digitais de cidadãos e instituições públicas e privadas brasileiras.
A corajosa ação de Edward Snowden para dar publicidade a esse programa é convergente com os esforços que muitos de nós fazemos na sociedade civil por mais transparência governamental – ele é um membro da nossa comunidade.
Esse membro da nossa comunidade está hoje nuna situação vulnerável num espaço de trânsito no aeroporto de Moscou com muita dificuldade de fazer valer o seu direito de asilo que é respaldado pelo direito internacional.
Além desses importantes esforços de transparência e participação, o governo brasileiro daria um inequívoco sinal de compromisso com a transparência se concedesse asilo ao nosso companheiro Edward Snowden.
No cenário atual, o governo brasileiro é hoje um dos poucos governos ao mesmo tempo independente e forte o suficiente para que uma oferta de asilo político seja eficaz.
Gostaria assim de pedir ao Ministro Gilberto Carvalho transmitir à presidenta Dilma esse apelo com muita ênfase.

Pablo Ortellado

Pablo Ortellado é doutor em filosofia, professor do curso de Gestão de Políticas Públicas e do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Estudos Culturais da Escola de Artes, Ciências e Humanidades da Universidade de São Paulo (EACH-USP).

Bradley Manning is My Hero


Bradley Manning

“I want people to see the truth, because without it you cannot make informed decisions as a public” – by  Bradley Manning.

“On June 3rd, after more than 3 years of pretrial confinement, military whistle-blower and democracy advocate Bradley Manning will go to trial for “Aiding the Enemy,” a capital offense that could open future whistle-blowers to the death penalty.

As many have pointed out, there is no basis for this charge in a free and just society, because only the public has benefited from his actions.  The charge will set a dangerous precedent for the first amendment, opening whistle-blowers and those who help them to the death penalty.

Bradley’s actions have helped motivate democratic movements around the world, including the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street.  They have shed light on the undue influence corporations wield in international policy, US-supported torture in Iraq, and the true number of civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The video that Bradley released from Iraq, “Collateral Murder,” is the most stark and obvious evidence of war crimes that the public has seen in our decade. None of those associated with the murder of unarmed civilians and journalists in the video have been brought to justice.

As of yet, the Obama administration and the military court have failed to produce any evidence whatsoever that Bradley’s leaks put the lives of service members of government officials at risk.

After his arrest Bradley suffered nearly a year of solitary confinement, resulting in protests by the UN, the ACLU, and Amnesty International.  Though he has since plead guilty to the charges associated with releasing the files to the public, if Bradley is convicted of “Aiding the Enemy”  he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and future whistle-blowers may face the same.

Join thousands of us already to say: I AM BRADLEY MANNING.

Originally posted on I am Bradley Manning.

Bradley Manning is My Hero

Many Bradley Manning