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Today is Father’s Day in Brazil

Brad Pitt and his adopted children

Brad Pitt and his 3 adopted children


In Brazil, more than 200 thousand children cannot celebrate Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. They are invisible, living in orphanages, and have between 4 and 19 years old with almost zero chance to get a foster parent. Those that are homeless living on streets are quite disturbing. What Brazilians do? They Close the car window, pretending that they are not there. Others prefer to call them muggers, outcasts, criminals, and advocate for lowering the age of criminal responsibility. Some go even further and exterminate as done in the Candelaria Massacre.

Congratulations to the adoptive parents, who were able to transcend the biological need for love – the true unconditional love.

No Brasil, muito mais de 200 mil crianças não podem comemorar o Dia dos Pais nem o Dia das Mães. Elas são invisíveis, vivem em orfanatos, têm entre 4 e 19 anos de idade e, chance quase zero de lá saírem. Já as que moram na rua, essas incomodam bastante. O que o brasileiro faz? Fecha o vidro do carro e ignora a existência das mesmas. Outros os chamam de trombadinhas, marginais, delinquentes, dogrados e, defendem a redução da maioridade penal. Alguns vão ainda mais longe e os exterminam como feito na Chacina da Candelária.

Parabéns aos pais adotivos, aqueles que foram capazes de transcender a necessidade do amor biológico – o verdadeiro amor incondicional.

World War Z: Nice Surprise

World War Z: Nice Surprise

World War Z is a junky movie but not so junky. Few things are really interesting:

0. It is not about zombies but about a lethal epidemic threat.

1. Israel is the only nation to protect themselves from the epidemic threat exactly like Jewish people were way more prepared than any other people to not get sick Centuries ago.

2. The Z disease affects “healthy” people but not “sick” people establishing a link with the novel The Alienist written by Machado de Assis which show us that sick people are not necessarily sick people and healthy are not necessarily healthy.

3. If your skills are really useful in the fight against the Z, your family would be protected on a ship. Once you are not useful anymore or you are dead, you family is instantaneously out of protection and back to the epidemic zone. That is exactly what happens to U.S. soldiers’ families if they are disable or dead.

Therefore, it was a good surprise for me.