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Equality is better than slavery; Freedom is better than a cage.

War on Women

War on Women

“”I admit to myself long ago that there is no dignity in preserving and promoting our identity. From experience, I say that there is nothing good to encourage immigrants to live with their habits, traditions and religious dogmas of their countries of origin.

It seems to me that no tradition or culture itself deserves respect, only actions that promote human welfare deserve to be cultivated. Whether traditional or not. If adherence to tradition conflicts with the welfare of the individual and human rights, individual rights should always prevail. And the modern secular societies of Europe maintain those rights better than gated communities and oppression of immigrants who have made so much effort to put their families in these societies, and then try desperately to remain unaffected by their values​​.

The doctrine of multiculturalism traps girls in bondage and abuse, and holds the minds of many children under the guise of tradition and religious dogma. There are many ways to help an individual on poverty. Food, water, relief, remedies. But there is also the provision of a new and better way of life. A way of life that will launch them into modernity. And a new identity sometimes better.

It is best to choose and think for themselves than to be indoctrinated and brainwashed. Equality is better than slavery. Freedom is better than a cage. Multiculturalism preserves cages and slavery. “”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Somali writer, author of the bestselling autobiography “Infidel: the story of a woman who challenged Islam”, awarded the Freedom Prize of Denmark’s Liberal Party and the Liberal Party’s Democracy Prize of Sweden “for her courageous work – democracy, human rights and women’s rights. “

Take Action for Bradley Manning: July 27, 2013


Bradley Manning

“Please join us in what will likely be the last internationally coordinated show of support for Bradley before military judge Col. Denise Lind reads her final verdict–which we expect some time in August.

On July 26 there will be a rally for Bradley Manning in Washington, DC in front of Maj. General Buchanan’s office. Buchanan is the new convening authority in the trial and he has the power to reduce any possible sentence given to Bradley should he be found guilty.

The July 27 ”International Day of Action” coincides with the anticipated sentencing phase of Bradley’s trial. The outcome of that phase of the trial will result in Bradley receiving any outcome from time served to life in prison.

The end of July also marks the third anniversary of the release of the Afghan War Diary which revealed the realities of pain and abuse suffered by many thousands in Afghanistan.

A thousand supporters marched on Fort Meade at the start of  Bradley Manning’s trial. Now we are asking supporters to organize events in communities across the globe. Looking for an idea for an event? Consider putting on this street theatre performance written by Claire Lebowitz which was performed at NYC Pride and other solidarity events. It only requires 2 performers and its a wonderful way to charge your event and catch peoples interest!

Contact campaign organizer Emma Cape at emma@bradleymanning.org if you are interested in organizing a solidarity event or action in your community. Help us send a message to Judge Lind that millions stand with Bradley!

View list of solidarity events around the world.

– By the Bradley Manning Support Network. June 27, 2013

Bradley Manning is My Hero